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Container logistics is under transformation driven by an abundance of digital solutions that impact existing processes and values; as a result companies are facing new business challenges and opportunities. 

It is my impression that many companies struggle with the journey adapting to the new business environment, making the right decisions and executing. 

To help companies take advantage of this transformation I provide expertise and actionable consultancy with a customer-centric focus. 

“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.”

Charles Darwin

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Customers & Partners

Import Release Automation

     Chairman of the Advisory Board       
Strategic Advisor 

“Adding Michael to our team is a vote of confidence and it will help accelerate Flowfox. Michael impresses not only with his extraordinary network but also with his delightful and enthusiastic personality. At Flowfox he successfully advised us on our go-to-market strategy, commercial model, and community strategy.”

                                                     – Patrick Pehmöller, CEO


AI for Terminals

Business Development Advisor 

”Michael’s hands-on advice is adding significant improvements to our business development and launch of our AI products. His insight into digital business opportunities coupled with his commercial leadership experience is adding strength to our strategy and value proposition.” 

                    – Peter Ludvigsen, Founder and CEO of                                                                      Blockshipping

Cloud ERP for Ocean Carriers

Chairman of the Odyssey Executive Forum Business partner

“Michael has been instrumental in driving a number of new and insightful initiatives. His involvement in creating and chairing the Odyssey Executive Forum ensured that this was a major success. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Michael as we expand on this initiative.”

                              – Arthur Vonchek, Executive Chairman

Online Freight Rate Management Solutions

Strategic Advisor

“I am excited about  the work we are doing with Michael, and our dynamic interactions have already helped us improve our strategic development.” 

                                                                         – Raghav, CEO     

Delivery Performance Platform

   Business Development Advisor 

“Michael is a strong support to me and Clockwork in developing our business, and I enjoy working with him as a sparring partner on strategic matters and identifying new growth opportunities.” 

                                                               – Rob Haney, CEO 

Startup Venture Innovation  

Alliance Partner 


Expert strategic sparring


Scaleup – Leadership – Demonstrated

“Be ambitious for your business”

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