• Strategy session. Whether you are an incumbent or upstart you are being influenced by the ongoing transformation of our industry. The change creates new challenges to be addressed and opportunities to be pursued. Based on an initial review of the situation I conduct sessions with relevant teams to challenge the issues with creative ideas. Specific actions and recommendation for next steps will be provided as a result on the sessions.
  • Project engagement. My engagement on specific projects is often the outcome of Strategy Sessions and builds on a defined business scope/challenge and success criteria.
  • On-demand Advisory. For customers in need of fast access to advice on specific topics I offer my availability to consult on an ad-hoc basis. The service is conducted on web-calls for fast evaluation and recommendation.
  • Other: Advisory Board, Startup support, Business partnership, Market intel and campaigns.
  • Each assignment is based on clearly defined objectives, deliverables and timing. The outcome of each session will be documented and presented back to the customer including related business opportunities that are likely to be identified during an engagement.

I provide the following benefits based on proactive engagement and delivery of solutions with insights and actions from proven results in startups, building the largest B2B e-business network in shipping and digitizing logistics services at leading companies for 30 years:

  • A customized plan to manage business transformation and projects:
    • Customers are provided with a 360-degree assessment, relative to their competitive situation, and a plan to manage opportunities and challenges.
  •  A successful transformation based on proven expertise:
    • Specific, actionable recommendations are provided based on my expertise managing digital business adoption and B2B networks in container logistics.
  • An expanded set of recommendations based on industry sources:
    • I am using my network and relevant analytics to provide customers with a guarantee that all relevant aspects are considered, and additional opportunities are identified.
  • A set of actions for sustained implementation:
    • Customers will get proven insights and actions on how to ensure external and internal adoption, and I will transition my experience to customers for sustained benefits.
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